Ruben Mojica's Triangular Logo Mark Hey, I’m Ruben. I’m a graphics, experience, interactive, and package designer. I’m passionate about problem solving, creative designs, ethics, sustainability, and technology.


I have been working for a Washington, DC firm as a senior graphics and experience designer for 8+ years. As I’m bound by a confidentiality agreement, I have greatly redacted telling information. Below are a collection of freelance, corporate, and hobby projects that I consider my best.

User Interface/Graphic Designs

Brand Guidelines for a Filipino Engineering Firm

UX Case Study: Reimagining the Wait Times at the DMV

Website Audit & Redesign for an International Nonprofit

Corporate Designs

Redacted Infographic Design

Award Winning Social Media Campaign

Telecom Brochure

Redacted White Paper

Networking One Pager

Side Projects

Student Requested App Design

Non-Profit Branding